never do evil that good may come of it

never do evil that good may come of it
With allusion to ROMANS iii. 8 (AV) And not..Let us do evil, that good may come.

1583 P. STUBBES Anatomie of Abuses K5 We must not doo euil, that good may come of it: yet the lawes in permitting certain reasonable gain to be received for the loane of money lent..haue not doone much amisse.

1689 G. BULKELEY Letter in Coll. Connecticut Hist. Society (1860) I. 59 If I knew any thing whereby to justify the present proceeding, I should not conceal it; but we must not do evil that good may come of it.

1882 C. M. YONGE Unknown to History II. ix. Walsingham’s agents..did evil that good might come, thinking Mary’s death alone would ensure them from Pope and Spaniard.

1950 J. CANNAN Murder Included 127 What..were the ethics? A promise made to a silly child, was it binding? You mustn’t do evil that good may come of it..but the boy was only fourteen and practically half-witted, and Lisa was an absurd little Quixote.

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